The Northeast Sees Green

By Grace Bell


So far this summer, the Northeast has been outpacing the rest of the nation in

going green.



In July, Rhode Island put into law the Green Economy Roundtable (HB 7407),

designed to advice the General Assembly and the governor as they move

forward in developing a statewide action plan to advance a green energy

economy. The bill guarantees a balanced representation and ensures

that “green economy decisions originate from the community as well as from


By January, 2011, the roundtable will be expected to have developed and

presented to the general assembly an action plan to optimize the growth of the

green economy, including:

• A market analysis of green business opportunities and needs

• Analysis of labor force needs, including education, training, and retraining

• An inventory of the current labor and business assets available to respond to

the new opportunities

• An inventory of “energy improvement” projects within the state, including energy

project studies.



In August, Senator John Kerry introduced a bill to jump start clean energy

production with new tax incentives. Called The Clean Energy Technology

and Leadership Act, the bill proposes tax credits and incentives for a number

initiatives, including energy efficiency programs.

Kerry himself admits this bill is a “placeholder for something bigger down the

road.” Talking about the uphill battle, Kerry added, “While we continue the fight

to bring comprehensive energy legislation to the floor of the Senate, it’s essential

that we take action to start moving in the right direction.”

Provisions include extension of tax incentives for energy efficient commercial