Ten Ways to Converse Energy

Rexel Holdings USA, a leading U.S distributor of energy-saving technology, works with big and small companies across the globe to boost their energy efficiency. “We’ve seen many companies cut their energy usage by at least five percent and a substantial number have reduced their usage by double digits,” said Rexel Holdings USA’s EVP and CEO Chris Hartmann.

Energy experts from Rexel have identified the following ten most overlooked energy-saving moves that businesses can consider. 

1. Conduct a thorough analysis of your electricity bill: Knowing what the bill is each month will allow you to focus on it. 

2. Use your analysis to develop a cost-saving plan: By adding building and lighting controls, you can see up to 30% energy reduction to the overall electrical load.

3. Invest in a sub meters:   For larger companies, each division or facility can be rated for energy efficiency. Problem areas can be identified and addressed.

4.   Don’t let your office snack on power: Suppliers vending machines are notoriously energy hungry. Other ways of providing snacks and drinks can save big bucks. 

5.   Take the long view and spend the extra dollar: For $1 more, the most popular fluorescent tube can be replaced by one that will save you $5 over the life of that tube. 

6.   Get with the times: Most lighting installed in offices today was developed for “pre windows” computers. Redesigned lighting can eliminate unnecessary brightness and excessive power usage.

7.   Take advantage of rebates for retrofits: In many cases, utilities will create custom rebates for energy retrofits, especially for large customers.

8.   Technology versus behavior: Today’s technology can produce accurate readings of usage and switch off the lights when people forget.

9. Take advantage of energy-saving tax credits: The government E-Pact program has been extended until the end of 2013 so that businesses can earn tax credits for energy efficient projects – consumers can too. 

10. Name a ‘champion’ for energy savings in your company. Putting a specific manager in charge of monitoring energy costs and achieving savings will bring focus to your efforts.