Seventh Generation Boosting Skin Serums

The skin care market is a crowded field but Seventh Generation has jumped into an affordable sweet spot with its new line of Skin Boosts ($14.99/1.5 oz.) crafted from botanical oils, rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids.

These well-priced serums, which are USDA-certified 99 percent bio-based, are a plant-based first in the drugstore aisle—they are available exclusively at Walgreens and Developed by Seventh Generation in conjunction with natural skin care expert Heather Beach, the collection includes six vegan skin-boosting serums, each designed to address a different skin care need, from dryness and blemishes to wrinkles and environmental damage.

We took a few of these skin serums, including the Protecting and Revitalizing Boosts (my recommended boosts from Seventh Generation’s skin questionnaire here), for a test run and liked what we saw. With botanical oils as a main ingredient, they do feel a bit oily going on but the oiliness is gone quickly. Contrary to my fear, the boost did not clog my pores. [Note: Seventh Generation recommends wetting the face before applying the serums or mixing them with your daily moisturizer for maximum absorption.]

Once the boost has absorbed into the skin, its effects are noticeable. My skin felt softer immediately. The long-lasting effects, such as firmness and moisture balance, took a bit longer to realize. After two weeks of daily use, I noticed improvement in my skin’s tone, including evenness, firmness, and moisture balance. My time-earned fine lines remained relatively the same but prolonged use may change this reality.

Delivering beautiful bang for the buck, these boosts contain 295 pumps per bottle (using one pump per use seems ample though the suggested dose is one to two pumps), so working towards long-term benefits won’t break the bank.

The ingredient roundup is listed on each serum’s packaging and includes a kitchen-worthy list of items such as apricot kernel, sweet almond oil, grapeseed, rice, chamomile, and lavender. Each specific Boost also has its own special hard-working ingredients, including jojoba, acai, and Passion-flower in the Hydrating Boost, prickly pear and Omega-3 fatty acids in the Protecting Boost, and baobab and brown algae in the Firming Boost. There are no fragrances used in the Seventh Generation Skin Boosts but each serum does have its own unique and appealing scent, derived from the plants within.

What’s also notable is what’s not included in Seventh Generation’s well-priced range of Skin Serums—they are free of parabens, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances. Our skin will drink to that.


Erinn Morgan


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