Safetek Launches Cleaning Crystals

Safetek Launches Cleaning CrystalsSafetek International, a manufacturer and distributor of green technology and eco-friendly products, has announced the company’s introduction of:  BIO+GREEN CRYSTALS – NUTRACEUTICAL GRADE COMPOUNDS. Safetek International, Inc. is a holding engaged in developing commercial opportunities in the organic, bio-degradable, zero carbon footprint or other “green” technology market sectors. The company’s mission is to provide consumers and institutions with affordable high-quality, high-utility products which accommodate the growing public awareness of green issues and exploding demand for zero-carbon-footprint, earth-friendly goods and services. According to the company, its new Bio+Green Crystals are revolutionary new Crystal compounds in water-soluble pouches containing pre-measured amounts of compounds. When immersed in the water, pouch and powder dissolve, formulating a precise cleaning solution for specific cleaning purposes.   ZERO WASTE Bio+Green Crystals are proud to be ZERO-WASTE products. Add to your existing cleaner as an additive or booster or when your existing cleaner runs out.  Add water, and begin to clean.  When all sachets are used, dispose of the outer packaging in your compost or recycle bin, leaving nothing to contribute to the local landfill. By buying a Bio+Green Crystal product, you have just reduced your carbon footprint. Bio+Green Crystals products are not only eco-friendly in their operation, but also protect the environment through reduced warehousing, transport, breakage, and usage of shelf space. Our products have the ability to reduce the carbon footprint through all channels of value stream, making them the most favored option for our customers.   MANUFACTURER STATEMENT According to the manufacturer’s statement: “These products are made using a proprietary process similar to the nutraceutical or pharmaceutical industries. The Bio+Green Crystals Compounds can be made up of bio based, plant, and mineral derived surfactants. Our purification or crystallization process, as we call it, allows us to separate any unwanted chemical strands including volatile organic compounds. Unlike conventional cleaners, Bio+Green Crystals do not require MSDS (manufacturer safety data sheets), but are made available to retailers and online. They are all natural, non-toxic, and zero waste.”   COLORATION As reported by the company, “The process is long and tenuous and sometimes we have to recrystallize, thereby creating a variation of colors. Our natural green spearmint can take on an appearance of yellow lime.  Our natural lavender when mixed with lycopene can take on a pinkish, purple hue or reddish tint. These varying colors have no effect on the products’ performance and will vary batch to batch, season to season. We strive to use all natural food and or medicinal grade additives.”   PERFORMANCE The products are made to perform well with water from all sources, including city taps, wells, and bottles. Some products include water-softening agents to help remove water spots especially from porcelain and bathroom fixtures. Purchasers should check with their municipalities for water contents and should try to avoid excessive chlorine content. Although this will boost our cleaners, the company does not recommend it, stating the product “will clean just fine without it.”   SOLUBILITY Bio+Green Crystals are completely water-soluble. The time required to complete dispersion or solubility is usually one to two minutes, but that can vary due to the type of water and temperature. A pharmaceutical-grade water soluble film is used which biodegrades when properly used, making the product zero waste.   Michael J. Krantz, President of Safetek International, said, ” Bio+Green Crystals will be a Stock item with next day shipping on standard orders, custom concentrations are manufactured to order with certain minimum quantities, usually for Commercial Cleaning.”