Product Review: Attitude Eco Cleaner All Purpose

Name of Product: Attitude Eco Cleaner All Purpose

What it is

Attitude’s All Purpose Eco Cleaner is a vegetable-based and biodegradable general spray cleaner for the household. Following Attitude’s environmental mission, this cleaner is certified eco-friendly, contains natural ingredients, and is CO2 neutral.

Size: 27.1 fl. Oz.

Price: $6.49

Ingredients: Water, Coco glucoside, Lauryl glucoside, Alcohol, Essential oils (lavender and grapefruit)

Website: Attitude Eco Cleaner All Purpose

The Good

• A great roundup of non-concerning ingredients

• Certified EcoLogo, an Environment Canada program

• A CO2 neutral product

• Made with essential oils that smell natural, not artificial like some other cleaners

• Works very well to clean a variety of surface types, including countertops, tile, slate, walls, finished hardwood floors, and porcelain

The Bad

• The larger, non-shaped bottle design is bulky and slightly heavy to handle

The Verdict

Attitude’s All Purpose Cleaner is an excellent multi-use spray cleaner that works well on a variety of surfaces. It boasts a natural, non-carcinogenic roster of ingredients that are disclosed on the product packaging.

The Ingredients

This effective cleaner has a list of generally non-concerning ingredients, much of which is vegetable-based. It is free of concerning ingredients that are found in many conventional cleaners, such as ethylene oxide and 1,4-dioxane. It is also free of color dyes and artificial fragrances, which can often have serious health concerns. According to Attitude, its ingredient list is also non-carcinogenic and vegan.

The Results

This spray cleaner works exceptionally well on a variety of surfaces, cleaning up both big and small messes. Each pump of this spray goes a long way; we backed off our normal spray amount and still got the same results. Attitude’s Multi Surface Eco Cleaner leaves tile, marble, and slate shiny without any film or residue. It also worked well on wood surfaces, cleaning (and not marking or staining) both hardwood floors and butcher-block countertops. It leaves a pleasant smell that is slightly noticeable and not overpowering like other cleaners tested.

Eco Cred

Attitude’s All Purpose Eco Cleaner is Certified EcoLogo™, which is a third-party certification of environmentally friendly products. Part of the UL global network, the EcoLogo program was founded in 1988 by the Government of Canada but is now a worldwide Type I eco label.


The spray bottle design is bigger, slightly bulkier, and less shaped for handheld use than some other spray cleaner bottles. Our bottle also made a slight, squeaky noise when we sprayed it.

Date of Test: September 17-October 8, 2012

How We Tested It: Three weeks of use on a variety of surfaces, including tile, stone, marble, wood, porcelain, and painted walls