New Cleaning System

According to Chem-Dry, a leading carpet and upholstery cleaning service, the company has announced the nationwide rollout of its new XTS system. As a smaller, more portable and more affordable option, the XTS will make Chem-Dry’s exclusive cleaning process significantly more accessible.


“The XTS is a true game changer for Chem-Dry, the carpet cleaning industry, and consumers,” said Dan Tarantin , CEO of Chem-Dry. “Its portability and lower costs make it easier for current franchise owners to expand into new areas and for new entrepreneurs to join our network. So we’ll be able to offer Chem-Dry’s superior cleaning process to more homes and businesses worldwide.”


The company explains that while most carpet cleaners use steam cleaning, which drives heavy amounts of water into carpets at high pressure and then tries to suck it back out, Chem-Dry harnesses the power of carbonation through its exclusive “hot carbonating extraction” process.


According to a company release, “Chem-Dry’s green-certified solution contains millions of carbonation bubbles that penetrate deep into the carpet and release dirt that can be easily extracted. Unlike steam cleaning where water can soak through to the carpet backing producing mold and mildew, Chem-Dry’s process uses 80 percent less water, so carpets dry in hours rather than days.


“At roughly half the cost of Chem-Dry’s current hot carbonating extraction truck-mounted systems, the XTS delivers the same cleaning effectiveness and dry time. It allows the franchise owner to purchase a smaller, less expensive van with lower fuel costs. Rather than the extraction power being located in the van, the XTS’s innovative design places the extraction power directly on top of the PowerHead unit closer to the carpet, improving vacuum efficiency.