High-efficiency Washers

PortionPac, a leading provider of pre-measured, maximum concentrate portion-control detergents, has released a new unit-dose laundry product for high-efficiency washers called LaundryPac.

“Many of our customers were switching to high-efficiency washers and wanted to continue to use PortionPac’s laundry detergent,” says PortionPac president Burton Klein. “We’ve formulated LaundryPac to respond to the reduced water use and vertical agitation particular to high-efficiency machines.”

The system is reported by the company to minimize environmental impact and eliminate the unsafe and ineffective habits of traditional cleaning.

Using regular laundry detergent in a high-efficiency washer can clog drains, make fabrics itch, and cause the washer to malfunction, rports PortionPac. That’s partly because powerful high-efficiency machines use less water, clean fabrics more gently, and require a different detergent formulation.

According to the company, “LaundryPac is specially formulated for high-efficiency front loading washing machines. Users simply pour one Pacinto each load for wash classifications such as clothing, towels, rags and mop heads. The concentrated, multi-use Pacs of cleaning products are hallmarks of the energy-efficient PortionPac cleaning system.”

PortionPac has been named a 2010 Top Small Company Workplace by Winning Workplaces and Inc. magazine.