Green Cleaning Awards 2012

As reported on the American School & University website, applications are open until September 12 for the 2012 Green Cleaning Award. Created in cooperation with the Green Cleaning Network, and Healthy Schools Campaign, the American School & University Award recognizes “educational institutions for healthy and sustainable approaches to cleaning without harming the environment.”


The purpose of the Green Cleaning Award for Schools & Universities is to recognize education institutions that have exemplary green-cleaning programs.

A green-cleaning program goes beyond chemical and equipment choices. It includes policies, procedures, training, and shared responsibility efforts that minimize the impact of cleaning on the health of building occupants and staff, and that protect the environment as a whole.

Award criteria are modeled on the second edition of The Quick and Easy Guide to Green Cleaning in Schools, published by the Healthy Schools Campaign. To access the free guide, visit:


According to ASU, the competition is open to all types and sizes of education institutions, both public and private, including preschools, elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as universities or colleges, trade or technical schools, and other types of schools (such as K-12, special education or therapeutic schools), as well as school districts.

The award seeks to recognize teams involved in implementing green-cleaning programs, which may include administrative and janitorial staff, outside contractors, vendors, and community and advocacy groups.


Submissions are judged by a panel representing school stakeholders, cleaning industry experts, green-cleaning consultants and school health advocates. The 2011 judging criteria were based on the comprehensiveness and quality of the green-cleaning program, and how well each institution executed the following five steps, as outlined in the second edition of The Quick and Easy Guide to Green Cleaning in Schools:

1. Use green-cleaning products.

2. Use green equipment and supplies.

3. Adopt green-cleaning procedures.

4. Use green paper and plastic products.

5. Share the responsibility.

Each of the honorees will receive an awards certificate, recognizing their achievement, and will be profiled in the December issue of American School & University magazine.

To check out the 2011 award winners, go to:

And, to downloa a copy of the 2012 application, go to: