Going “Enviral” Contest

Enviro-Solutions, a leading manufacturer of proven-Green cleaning products, reports considerable interest in its Going Enviral Greener Schools Video Challenge 2012, a contest conducted at the company’s facebook page,  (http://www.facebook.com/goenvirosolutions).

According to Mike Sawchuk, vice president and general manager of Enviro-Solutions, the growing attention is believed to be because of April 22, on which Earth Day 2012 was celbrated. “That’s when many people become even more Green focused,” explains Sawchuk.

The contest, officially launched March 1, 2012, and ending in June 2012, is open to schoolchildren grades 7 through 12 throughout North America.  It invites participants to send in videos describing how they can make their schools Greener and more sustainable.

“Recently we have had an increased number of inquiries about the contest,” says Sawchuk, who adds, “We are especially happy about this because unfortunately, some of the first videos submitted were lost due to technical issues…we are working to recover them.”

Students submitting the best video, as determined by Facebook visitors and a panel of in-house judges, will receive $500, and their school will receive $500 worth of Enviro-Solutions Green cleaning chemicals.

“We have turned to our distributors to help get the word out about the contest,” says Sawchuk. “And many of them have used the contest as an opportunity to meet with new [school] prospects. It’s been a win-win for them, the schools, and the kids.”

The winning video will be announced July 15, 2012.

Visit Enviro-Solutions on Facebook at: http://tinyurl.com/7jr2htn