FlyPunch! Gets Rid of Fruit Flies Naturally

We love summer and it’s pure abundance of juicy fruits and tasty veggies but these scrumptious delicacies also usher in one of the season’s less desirable realities—fruit flies.

Where do these pesky pests come from? With an incredible sense of smell, fruit flies are simply engineered to find fermenting fruit. If there’s a bowl of fruit on your kitchen counter, there’s probably a fruit fly out there looking to find his way into your home to get to it. Because they are so tiny, fruit flies can squeeze in through window screens or crevices around windows and doors. Once inside, they reproduce in spades—and then you’ve got a fruit fly frenzy. DIY remedies (such as old wine sitting in an open cup) aren’t always strong enough to truly kill this insect, and stronger options available for purchase are loaded with unsafe chemicals.​

Whether you’ve got a few floating about your kitchen or a full-blown fruit fly infestation, one new product aims to banish this insect from your abode—naturally. ​Aunt Fannie’s FlyPunch! is a safe ​formula crafted of non-toxic, natural concentrates that quickly and effectively kills fruit flies. We tested this product out in our kitchen and it worked very well—after opening up the self-standing FlyPunch! bag ($4.99) and placing it on the counter, fruit flies were eventually attracted to this liquid. After a few days, no more fruit flies could be found in our house. Peace at last.

FlyPunch! also comes in a FanniePack with a bag of FlyPunch! and a glass jar ($10.99) for holding the liquid in a more stable container scenario; a Honeycomb DiveJar ($3.99) that also holds the FlyPunch! liquid is also available for purchase. Bonus: FlyPunch​!​ also comes in a package that is 100 percent recyclable. The product is available for purchase in southeastern Whole Foods stores and online​.

Erinn Morgan


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