EcoSan Recycles Chewing Gum

Three and a half billion pieces of chewing gum are left sticking to streets in the United Kingdom (UK) each year. But now environmental big guns Carl and Sonja Wood of Ashford-based EcoSan Services have decided that gum has had it too good for too long. Their answer? The Gumdrop.

The Gumdrop is a large bubblegum-shaped ball, which EcoSan can place in spots such as school foyers and shopping centers, for chewers to drop in their gum for recycling.


It doesn’t need to be emptied, because the entire ball is then recycled, with ball and gum all forming pellets which can be re-used in plastic production. And one full-up Gumdrop, together with its contents, is recycled to become three new Gumdrops. It’s the perfect example of closed-loop recycling, where waste from one product makes another!

Sonja Wood, director of EcoSan, who has been working with the inventor of the Gumdrop, says, “We are going to be the first service company ever in the world to be wheeling this out. The government spends £150m a year on cleaning gum from streets, so this could save a huge amount of money.”

How does it work? Wood explains, “We go to the client’s premises and take away the whole Gumdrop unit. The whole lot can be recycled. Recycling chewing gum is just another money-saving solution to help our clients get the best from our services without it costing the Earth!”

EcoSan currently recycles the waste from the toilets of 600 sites in the UK and supports leading Kent destinations with washroom services.