Daimler’s New Technology

Daimler’s New Technology


Daimer Industries, Inc.® has released information about eight new units with a Daimer®-only capability that supports longer hoselines and long distance cleaning. This capability, referred to as Long Hose Technology, provides “pressure cleaning about 90 meters from the pressure producing base unit by providing consistent pressure along the entire length of the hoseline.” According to a company announcement on December 6, the product lines affected include the 7300 and 7400.

“We expect to offer our latest distance-cleaning features in eight new midrange electric pressure washers,” explained Daimer.com’s 50 Hz mobile technologies PR spokesman Matthew Baratta. “Best of all, the machines are Vapor-Flo®s, so they clean quietly and without exhaust.”


The upcoming LHT Vapor-Flo machines will be available in three mobile styles–steel (non-staining), coated steel (powder-coated), and manual-loading for occasional cleaning when there is no acess to a nearby water supply.

The machines are also offered in a non-mobile stationary design. LHT capabilities allow even non-mobile electric pressure washers to be more useful and clean anywhere within a 90-meter or so radius.

The two lines of the electric pressure washers with LHT include the 7300 and 7400. Each line will comprise four machines in the mobile and non-mobile case designs. All of the machines will include direct drive pumping systems and support for up to 117 bar of pressure (1700 psi). The 7300 models offer 1.5 LPM of flow, a 1.0 HP motor and 96.1°C, while the 7400 models will offer 2.3 LPM, a 2.0 HP motor and 79.4°C.

For additional information about Daimer®’s line of electric pressure washers, hot water pressure washer systems, gas pressure washers, commercial pressure washers or high pressure washers, visit www.daimer.com/pressure-washers/ or call Matthew Baratta at(888) 507-2220. Vapor-Flo® electric pressure washers are available to customers in most countries.