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After years of working as a corporate attorney helping others launch their own businesses, Kimberly A. Cornwell, J.D., decided it was time for her own startup. With a passion for putting people and the environment first, Cornwell wanted to found a green company that would also help people form their own work-at-home careers. Thus, Celadon Road was born—a green cleaning products company that employs independent consultants and home parties to sell a variety of innovative and effective products.

Here, we check in with Celadon Road founder and CEO Kimberly Cornwell to learn more about her innovative green cleaning company.


GreenCleaningMagazine: What inspired you to start Celadon Road?

Kimberly: I was inspired to start Celadon Road for a couple of reasons. First, when I was pregnant with my first child in 2005, I started paying attention to what I was eating and putting on my skin. I realized that back then there weren’t a lot of organic product choices; they seemed to be either sub-par to conventional products or priced like a luxury item. I started thinking about creating a company that sold quality eco-friendly and organic products at reasonable prices, but a brick-and-mortar store or catalog company didn’t hold appeal for me.

Then, in March 2007, the biotech company I worked for as Vice President of Legal Affairs had to lay off a large percentage of its workforce. As my friends who were terminated from the company came to say goodbye (many of them in tears stating they would lose their homes), I made a decision. I needed to find a way to be the person giving people jobs, not taking them away; a “job” where they weren’t relying on “corporate America” for their livelihoods and were directly rewarded for their efforts.

It wasn’t until April 2008, when I attended a shop-at-home party at a friends’ house, that the idea came to fruition. I noticed how the independent consultants for the skincare and purse companies loved what they were doing. They talked about how they had the best of both worlds—they were able to stay home with their children but also have a fulfilling and rewarding business. They were inspired! I said to myself: “That is it! I will start a green direct-selling company.” I formed Celadon Road three days later and have been passionately building it ever since.

GCM: What makes your company unique in the green cleaning arena?

Kimberly: Our cleaning products are manufactured exclusively in the US, contain safe, non-toxic ingredients and really work! Our customers and consultants alike love that our products work better than most conventional cleaners.

GCM: How do the Celadon Road parties/events work?

Kimberly: Celadon Road is a “party plan” company. Our consultants primarily sell in homes with hostess and their guests. The hostess gets free and discounted products for hosting the party in her home. With the advent of web, it is easier to find your friends and acquaintances willing to become hostesses and join our team. In addition, hostesses can invite friends from all over country to shop online and it adds to the hostess’s party total. Finally, many of our consultants are finding great success with hosting virtual parties online and on Facebook.

GCM: How are your products formulated?

Kimberly: I work with professional formulators to create products that adhere to our strict ingredient guidelines. Our products are all natural and contain the highest-quality organic ingredients. We never use parabens, synthetic fragrances, GMO ingredients, phthalates, mineral oils, EDTA, propylene glycol, or carbomer. Each product is tested by me on myself and my children and in our home. I would never sell a product that I wouldn’t feel comfortable using in my own home.

GCM: What is your favorite Celadon Road personal care product for transitioning spring skin  and also for spring cleaning at home?

Kimberly: I use a combination of our Certified Organic Argan Oil and our Age Defying Moisturizer every day. My skin has never looked or felt better. Now that the summer is approaching, I will also use our Tinted Sunscreen.  For home cleaning, my favorites are the Lemon Mint Glass Cleaner, the Stain Remover, and the Citrus All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate.

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