Community College Cleans Green

In an effort to boost indoor environmental quality for students and staff at Hawkeye Community College, FBG Service Corporation has recently certified all of its buildings with the GreenGuard Certified Cleaning Program.


“People are our first priority. That was our primary motivation behind upgrading our maintenance program,” said District Manager Tom Montgomery. “We have always been innovative when it comes to environmental quality in the facilities we maintain. Our mission is the health and safety of all occupants.”


The program, developed by industry pioneer Diversey, involves everything from specialized equipment and procedures to specific training on cleaning methods. Employing chemicals like hydrogen peroxide and tools such as microfiber cloths and high-filtration vacuums, the system has proven effective in cleaning facilities more efficiently without harmful side effects to workers or the environment.


“Operational savings were a factor for Hawkeye,” Montgomery said. “But the truth is, adopting the GreenGuard Certified program was quite an easy decision when they realized the benefits. It just makes sense to invest in programs that will help keep students and employees healthy and productive.”