Colloidal Chemistry Expands Products

For over 40 years, National Colloid has been an innovator of environmentally safe cleaners and degreasers that provide both performance and safety for the industrial cleaning market, reports All SuperC products are non-toxic, non-fuming, non-flammable, biodegradable and entirely safe for employees–no stinging eyes, burning hands and no overpowering smell.


According to the company, their products provide industry with an alternative to petroleum-based formulas with their aqueous, nontoxic cleaning products that provide high performance and safety for workers and the environment.




National Colloid’s primary product, SuperC Heavy Duty Degreaser (also known as NC-680) is being used in a variety of industries internationally and by some very fortunate clients within the United States. National Colloid is now expanding the product line to provide powerful and safe concentrated cleaners formulated for specific industries. This new expansion will include a Hood & Kitchen Cleaner (NC-610), Rig Wash/Pressure Wash (NC-620), Parts Wash (NC-630) and Bilge and Marine Cleaner (NC-640). Environmentally conscious companies will now have a safe and powerful approach to cleaning that works.



SuperC Industrial cleaners are made from a proprietary colloidal solution comprised of plant-based, non-ionic surfactants that create, through a special blending process, nano-sized particles called “micelles,” the workhouse behind this new technology. Micelles are extremely small electrically charged particles (.00000001 cm) that repel each other like opposing magnets when activated with water. Each end of a micelle has an opposite charge, one hydrophilic (affinity for water), while the other is hydrophobic (antagonistic to water). These micelles repel each other in a ceaseless random movement, while penetrating dirts, greases and oils they come in contact with.



Once hydrocarbon molecules or other highly viscous and sticky materials become attached to the colloidal micelle, they are locked in colloidal suspension. The grease, oil and dirt are no longer able to attach to the surface, allowing them to be easily rinsed away. Dwell time, agitation and increased temperature all enhance the effectiveness of the product. Because of the unique way in which SuperC cleaners work, there are no adverse side effects to humans, animals or plants and no handling precautions are necessary.



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