Clorox Supports Green Seal

State and local governments nationwide including California and the City of New York have proposed or passed regulations requiring environmentally preferable products be used in public schools and public buildings. Currently, 37 states have passed such regulations, thirteen of which list Green Seal certification as required criteria for products being purchased and used. As what can be perceived as an “indoor greening” movement, governments are recognizing the tremendous benefits environmentally friendlier measures provide to the students, residents and employees whom frequent public buildings.


As part of New York City’s next phase of the Green Our Cleaning Act, the city has proposed a “Environmental Preferable Purchasing Program” amendment that requires agencies to purchase cleaning products that comply with the standards set forth by one of the following third-party programs: Green Seal, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Design for the Environment, and/or New York State Office of General Services Green Cleaning Program2.

With green cleaning product claims becoming more abundant, Clorox Professional Products Company values the role of independent third-party organizations that validate the efficacy and environmental standards of green cleaning products including Clorox Commercial Solutions® Green Works® Concentrated Cleaners. Organizations, such as Green Seal, provide procurement professionals, janitorial staff and consumers with the scientific research and confidence that the products being used live up to the claims they make.


“We are proud to have our products certified by Green Seal, whose seal has become synonymous with environmental leadership,” said Lynda Lurie, marketing manager, Clorox Professional Products Company. “We commend Green Seal as the organization local and state governments rely on to set the standard for environmentally preferable products.”

In 2010, Clorox Professional Products Company submitted Green Works® Concentrated Cleaners to Green Seal to be evaluated for certification. The 99 percent naturally derived cleaners met the highest standards of environmental quality and performance, receiving the prestigious certification3. Procurement professionals, school administrators, building service contractors, custodians and facility professionals recognize the Clorox brand and Green Works® Concentrated Cleaners for powerful cleaning performance, and can also trust that the products are deemed environmentally preferable.

“Green Seal’s mission is to develop life-cycle based sustainability standards for products and offer third-party certification for those that meet the criteria,” said Linda Chipperfield, vice president of marketing and communications for Green Seal. “We actively identify and promote sustainability in helping organizations be greener in a real and more effective way.”