Cleantec’s May Launch

Cleantec Professional, a division of Cleantec Innovation, manufactures and supplies cleaning and mainteanance products to customers in a range of businesses, including the hotel and leisure and janitorial and industrial sectors.

According to the company, the new Cleantec Innovation Pro range of products takes cleaning to a new level. The new range of products offers innovative biological alternatives to standard cleaning products. “We have focused on the environmental impact of our products without compromising on quality and performance,” says Patricia Cullen, marketing executive for Cleantec Innovation.

“The new Cleantec Innovation Pro products cross sector and are suitable for the hotel and leisure Industry as well Marine, healthcare, defence, and education. We are excited about the launch which will happen in May,” says Cullen, who adds that the new Cleantec Innovation Pro range is a blend of science and nature, new solutions to old problems.