Cleaning Up in Down Times

Procter & Gamble Professional recently released the findings of its “Cleaning in a Down Economy,” survey. Conducted in December of last year, the results indicate that, since mid-2009, “cleaning service managers have often had to tackle the same amount of labor with fewer employees, placing increasing demands on staff productivity and cleaning efficiency.”

In response to economic challenges, nine out of ten managers surveyed reported they have had to eliminate staff or make other cuts. And, just over three quarters of of them have experienced increased pressure from management to keep down cleaning costs.


According to P&G Professional customer service manager Matt Koloseike, “We found the past year has opened a lot of cleaning professionals’ eyes to the efficiency benefits of simplified cleaning routines and effective, multipurpose products.”

Despite budget pressures, 56 percent of the surveyed cleaning service managers reported quality and effectiveness as the main reasons for selecting a product. Only five percent said price is the deciding factor.

• WORKING FASTER: Just over 60 percent of managers surveyed would spend more on a product that would help staff “work faster by getting the job done the first time.”

• TRAINING CHALLENGE. For 68 percent of managers whose “cleaning providers” aren’t up to par, the biggest challenge is staff training.

What’s the number one issue? According to the survey, it’s “being as efficient as possible with current resources.” That, said respondents, is even more important than growing the business or turning a profit.