Cleaner Airports for the Olympics


CFM Service Corp. a provider of professional commercial cleaning services in the U.S., including many airports and businesses in the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut area, has announced new airport cleaning service plans to help keep New York airports cleaner and safer for in time for the rush of travelers attending the London Olympic games.




The CFM Service Corp. announcement indicated that the company would be introducing new green and eco-friendly cleaning products as part of their New York airport cleaning services in time for the expected Olympic games rush. CFM’s green cleaning services aim to remove the toxins and chemicals found in many airport cleaning solutions to make the airports cleaner and safer for travelers.




The new CFM Service Corp. green initiative is currently in place and being used in numerous businesses and airports in the tri-state area. CFM Service Corp. developed its approach to green cleaning because many cleaning chemical toxins have been linked to health issues such as asthma, blood disorders, liver, kidney damage, and cancer.




According to the company, the high traffic of major airports often causes terminals to be a hotbed for bacteria, dirt, and other unsanitary issues.